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[These comments are from the recording of the Jan 13 2012 Essex County Probate Court Chancery CP-0136-2009 IMO Robert Johnson hearing attended by government appointed guardian Vanessa D. Taylor [of the taylorgroupinc. of Manalapan New Jersey real estate broker] attorney James Boutillier, Attorney Shawnda N Floyd, and next of kin G. Johnson. The statements below are redacted and are not meant to be the entire hearing. The statements below do not include the words of Boutillier, Floyd, and Taylor.]


    " I have not received any documentation as to the medical care of Robert Johnson. I have received conflicting affidavits, excuse me, statements, from Vanessa D. Taylor and Mr. Boutillier ; I believe Vanessa indicated in August that Robert Johnson might have to be placed into hospice because he was not eating properly and I don't believe Mr. Boutillier's affidavit addresses that. But the fact is that there has been a misrepresentation as to what Medicaid said about the property. In addition, Medicaid said to me, and I note here that they would not talk to me specifically about Robert Johnson's case, but they said to me that the estate would have to present a spend down plan of liquidation . Neither the estate or the guardian has presented a plan of liquidation to the court or to the heirs of the property for their approval. In addition, as to the statement about the offers on the property I believe the Mr. Figaro was offering I believe $144,400 and was the price the court set, I think he offered $144,400 and I guess Mr. Figaro's latest contract offer is a little over $110,000 but I like to note here for the court that I made an offer of $110,000 and I also made an offer of $144,000 and there was no counter offer requested of me. 

    "I would like to get documentation, I think it is important to have documentation before the court, of the child support order, I think the income tax lien should be filed with the court, a copy of the property taxes alleged should be filed with the court, and I understand there is a conversation here that the court should approve the sale of the property without really having documentation of what the bills are and that this can occur after the fact, but I believe it should occur before the fact, and there should also be an indication of if there are alleged bills which bills are going to occur [be paid] first.

[Editor note: fraud on the court:]


   "Despite his objection that he did not have enough time, he [Johnson] did submit a response. Mr. Johnson has submitted a lot of paper work objecting to this application and he continues to object on a basic level and opposing the performance of Ms. Taylor and the performance of Mr. Boutillier , what he has done and what he has not done, what Mr. Meyerson of APS has done and has not done, and (objecting to) the filings I have stricken because they are impertinent, and I have cautioned him in respect to some of his filings which he has made allegations of misconduct by attorneys, misconduct by the court where he accuses me and the court of partial unequal treatment, bribery, discrimination, unequal treatment, discrimination based on education, discrimination based on occupation, discrimination based on economics, and where he made accusations to the court and attorneys involved. I have cautioned Mr. Johnson on many occasions that these kind of comments are unacceptable and would result in the court taking action with respect to his accusations of fraud and bribery.


    " Mr. Johnson describes the increase in price as a bribe to Mr. Figaro with respect to allowing for this credit for repairs and he argues that the condition of the sale have been misrepresented and for example he argues that the imposition of counsel fees by this court against Mr. Johnson is an example again of some type of judicial bribery. He also points out on a more substantial basis that on this actual deal that Ms. Taylor do not provide any information as to the repairs, the variation of the $32,000 to $58,000 and he points out that the record is not adequate as for the bases of the price.

   "  I have the current market analysis. It seems like Mr. Johnson's [Robert Johnson the ward] best interests would be promoted by the sale. $17,000 or is in $73,000 for the nursing home, it doesn't matter either way.

   "  I know Mr. Johnson [next of kin]  indicates based on his visit [August 2011 for two days with the ward] that he [ward] needs Medical Care but he doesn't need to be in a nursing home but respectfully Mr. Johnson is not a Doctor and his opinion is not something I can rely upon to make a determination.

  "...he has qualified for Medicaid and it seems to me if he didn't need to be in a nursing home the cause of his medical condition he would not have been approved for Medicaid.

   "  So on the low end we have $70,000 ...there really is no money to speak of and there is no income to take care of the property....any money that comes out of the home would go to the nursing home.... it is certainly not the price that anybody's wants... [Editor note: the Judge is the one determining the price, not free market competition, but price fixing]..."

    " I don't find that there are any other persons who have rights in the property, which would be harmed by this sale. No one has stepped forward and said they have an ownership interest in the property, no relatives, friends or others have indicated that they have an ownership interest...Mr. [G] Johnson certainly has a kinship interest here but Mr. Johnson, his father, [ward] is alive, he is a scheduled heir but he is not an heir at the moment because Mr. Johnson is alive so he has a kinship interest and is concerned about his Dad and I appreciate that but it does seem to me that on the issue of not being able to make a determination with respect to their inheritance, that is not the purpose of the ruling and need to protect the ward and make sure his interests are promoted and make sure if there are other persons who have an interest in the property, they will not be harmed by the sale, no one else has come forward indicating they have interest in the property, rights against the property that would be affected so...I know Mr. Johnson is very strident in his view about Ms. Taylor's efforts that the guardian has been very critical of Ms. Taylor and Mr. Boutillier and others but seems to me he doesn't offer any other alternative; the contract is on the table; it seems to me if he could get a better price [I offered $144,000] and forward it to Ms. Taylor and he was serious about buying it at $144,000, he should fax in a contract with a deposit and show good faith under the circumstances but I don't have that on the record, I just have an indication that he would liked to have brought it for 144,000, he would liked to have brought it for $110,000, but after a year and a half what you like to do and what you could do, it is really that we have to do something about this so I will approve this for the sale for the price as indicated and on the terms indicated.... [to Savio Figaro]."

[Editor note: The Judge doesn't address that fraud on the estate , misconduct, and attorney misconduct has already been admitted by James Boutillier, Lawrence E. Meyerson, Vanessa D. Taylor, and Shawnda E. Floyd by their failure to respond to the written Verified Complaint and OTSC naming  them filed with the court. Also a "market analysis" is not an appraisal: why would Taylor, Floyd, Boutillier ,and the Judge lie about this under oath?  The Judge has been charged with socioeconomic discrimination. Note: next of kin made three written offers to purchase the property. The Judge denied two of them. Why does he now discriminate and ask next of kin to pay $140,000 while setting the price to attorney Savio Figaro at $110,000? Next of kin also forwarded HUD approval certificate for up to $50,000 towards down payment and closing costs. Why does the biased Judge ignore this? Why does court refuse to provide authenticated documentation? Clearly fraud on the court. Next of kin include Alisa D Stewart, Letitia J Tyler, K. Johnson, Vanessa D. Johnson Taylor.]

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