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Update December 22 2015

to Congressperson Karen Bass

Request to Suspend Federal Funds to

City Government and County Government Los Angeles

From: [tenant name redacted]

Sent: Tue 12/22/15

To: Rep. Karen Bass ( Cc: Rep. Karen Bass (

1 attachment 2015-12-21 Email LADBS and Public Heath re Permits.pdf (96.3 KB)


Dear Congressperson Karen Bass via email/US mail:


I again request that you seek the suspension of federal funds to the Los Angeles city government and the county board of Supervisors based on the housing racial discrimination and retaliation directed at me. As reported to the city of Los Angeles government and County of Los Angeles Public Health Department, for the past seventeen months or so I have been without the use of a working intercom and tandem parking stall at the 1522 Hi Point St 90035 address. Pictures and other documents supplied to the city government show that the intercom and parking stalls were housing services the owner supplied to me in apt 9 at the inception of the tenancy.

The current owner purchased the building April 2014 and assumed the conditions of all rent agreements. "Maintenance" and lack thereof is considered a "housing service" under the Los Angeles Municipal Code. Parking is also considered a housing service. Briefly, as regards the intercom, a repair that could take no more than 2 hours, remains un repaired while the majority of tenants who are white in the 18 unit building have a working intercom. The owner inspected the intercom April 2014 and that is the last I heard of it and since then repeated inquiries to the owner have met with no response from the owner. I have suffered a great deal of mental anguish as I believe the actions of the city and county government and owner are intended to cause harm and are the proximate result of the damages I have suffered.

"The owner is aware tenants apt 9 have two cars."

As for the parking, tenants in #9 were forced from a two car tandem stall to a one car stall after receiving such housing service two car tandem stall since 2010 as a condition of entering into the monthly rental agreement. The owner is aware tenants apt 9 have two cars. The owner forced us into a one car stall at the threat of eviction even though about six tandem parking stalls were still available vacant around May 2014. The DFEH has denied me protection under the Unruh Act which states "all persons are entitled to full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments, including both private and public entities. The Unruh Civil Rights Act protects all persons against arbitrary and unreasonable discrimination by a business establishment (Civil Code section 51).Ē The city LAHCID determined in writing that the owner can charge a fee for an extra tandem parking stall. I asked LAHCID what law is that based on, what is the fee, and which stall is the "extra stall"? Neither the city nor the owner has provided a response. I have not been provided with a "tandem" parking stall. Tandem stalls come and go yet I am not offered or provided one and I am denied "full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges" and I am damaged by the "arbitrary and unreasonable discrimination by a business establishment" Hi Point Apts LLC, and the city and county governments.

"I believe a working door entry intercom system is a intended as a safety device that helps protect all tenants from physical harm, not just the white tenants who have the working intercom."

Tenants who are white at the property have free use of working intercoms and tandem parking stalls. Neither the owner or the city has communicated to me a parking policy that is non-disdriminatory and fair at the property and that applies to all tenants. Rent Control ordinance prohibits a parking fee as that fee would be an illegal rent increase. There are about twenty parking stalls, 1-12 are single, 1A is single guest stall, and 13-19 are tandem. 18 tenants and 20 stalls. I believe a working door entry intercom system is a intended as a safety device that helps protect all tenants from physical harm, not just the white tenants who have the working intercom. As you know, actionable racial discrimination can be direct or indirect, intentional and/or unintentional.

Please investigate and let me know the results of your findings. See the attached email of yesterdays date regarding lack of permits at the 1522 address, a matter of Public Interest. The purpose of permits is to assure the health and safety of all tenants at the property. All rights reserved.


[Tenant name and address redacted. Bold subheadings added for effect]

The emails of Willie J. Allen, USAF

re 1522 Hi Point St 90035

re Hi Point Apts LLC


Senator Lois Wolk [July 27 2015]

Councilperson Herb Wesson, Los Angeles [July 27 2015]

Marilyn Gillam London [July 27 2015]

Walter Barratt [July 27 2015]

Cliff Renfrew [July 27 2015 and December 1 2015]

Al Mozannar [July 27 2015]

Los Angeles HCID Department [July 27 2015]

Los Angeles RSO Department [July 27 2015]

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing [July 27 2015]

Housing and Urban Development [July 27 2015]

The Air Force

Andre L. Brown [October 28 2015 and November 13 2015]

Charles Garcia [October 28 2015 and November 13 2015]

I publish this article as a tribute to the brave men and women who have given their lives across the world to stop the spread of terrorism.

The names and dates above are the people who were told of the "terrorism" claims of Willie J. Allen, a United States Air Force personnel, his claims starting in July 2015.

While these claims were made in Los Angeles in July 2015, in a few short months, tragedy struck on December 2, 2015 in San Bernardino against government Public Health Environmental employees. It was around December 1 2015 that Cliff Renfrew seemingly made mention of "terrorism" by saying at 1522 Hi Point St apartments that things were coming "to the end" and as told to Los Angeles Public Health Environmental officials.

Los Angeles is forty eight miles from San Bernardino. I redact here from Allenís emails and my response to them at the time. For personal reasons, I may not publish all Allen said or what I said in reply but all such letters are available thru an Open Records Act request to government officials.

The best I did is try to defuse the situation; the worst I did is seriously believe that Willie Allen seriously believed there is a terrorist threat,enough for him to put it in writing and according to him alert his supervisors. I believe he should be taken seriously because he believes the threat is real. And if anyone would know about terrorism, it would be an Air Force employee. Looking back now, there were certainly missed opportunities to connect the dots to what would be the San Bernadino massacre on December 2 2015. As late as October 28 2015, I sat in a city Los Angeles government hearing where the LAHCID agency had been notifed of the "terrorist" claims; I sat before Cliff Renfrew, Charles Garcia, and Andre L. Brown but all chose not to hear my testimony or exhibits and cut off any disussion and never once addressed the terrorism allegations of Allen, and other health and safety issues, as if to say terrorism is not important. As I indicate herein elsewhere, I have no personal knowledge of terrorists. But I believe Willie J. Allen takes himself seriously and for that, for the sake of the San Bernadino lives, government officials should have paid attention to what Allen was saying.

References or parts of these emails have previously been published on the internet, Facebook. and in newspapers. Allenís  letters come after an altercation with other tenants in a Los Angeles apartment building and letters that I wrote. My letters to him prior to his emails did not mention the words terrorists or terrorism.

Re: Letter to city attorney re Apt 11 Threatening Apt 18 Tenant 

From: (

To: [Tenant name redacted] ;;;  Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 8:36 AM  

Good morning Mr. [Tenant]:

First off to address some things, I understand you have issues with the apartment complex, but for you to have the nerve to lie on an active duty service member of the United States military is truly an all-time low. We all in the building know you, number 18, and number 10 have been in cahoots for a while now. You have daily chats outside of the building to plot how to ruin other tenants lives, since clearly your all unhappy with your own. It's very peculiar that any complaint made against any of those tenants you never seem to flinch but when number 18 actively threatened and chose to treat me the way he did (in uniform) I figured you would have a bit more fortitude to correct him. I also would like to make you aware that you are addressing the issue when I walked the dog, but you missed a few facts. Number 18 actually came out of his apartment and looked down at me prior to coming down, letting me know he wanted to antagonize and threaten me. You also were not aware of the actions the day prior when he and number 10 sat in front of the apartments blocking me from getting in the actual complex parking area and park my vehicle. Oh by the way you also missed the incident later that night in which some other tenants from the complex behind us heard number 18 make active threats against my life, they were witnesses and so was [name redacted] . You also failed to mention that number 16 was a witness who has confirmed he can back up my story of how number 18 came out threatening and attempting to make me feel uncomfortable, let's not forget he was about 5 feet away with his dog, while you and number 10 were about 15-20 feet away, so I'm pretty sure he can be a much better source. You are welcome to request that my significant other be fired, but you WILL NOT ALLOW other tenants to be domestic terrorists. I have already reported number 18's erratic behavior and police are well aware he is documented for being a hostile entity in Hi Point Apartments. So I would like you to pass the message to him and anyone else who wishes to bully, threaten, and antagonize other people in the Hi Point Apartment complex. If he or any other crony of yours makes another active threat he will be dealt with to the furthest extent of the law in my power. If you choose to idly stand by and allow him to hurt or threaten me after all we have been through as colleagues, because of your immature vendetta against management of hi point apartments, I will also seek the highest extent of the law for you too ... for antagonizing the situation, maliciously slandering a uniformed service member, and also being an accessory to the attempt on a uniformed person's life, and domestic terrorism. As you are well aware we have had many domestic terror attacks on many innocent military members. Shame on you for slandering and lying on my name. A police incident report has been filed and if number 18 feels he is the one who is at threat, he should have stayed around to talk to the authorities instead of cowardice acts he continues to do, like making threats towards me and disappearing from the scene when authorities arrive. All of my military leadership has been made fully aware of this and if anything happens to me the government will be sure to come for all responsible. For Hi Point management, I hold you accountable to act on this. You have a tenant (Tenant name) acting against innocent people and literally attempting to get people hurt to try and get back at you. I will not be slandered nor threatened by anyone. [Tenant] you should also advise the gentleman in apartment number 18 to be mindful of attempts to incite a riot with his racial slurs against me, he can be taken in by the cops for that too. Have a good day and thank you for letting me know that you care nothing of the service men and women of our country especially ones that make the ultimate sacrifice overseas, defending your rights and freedoms you utilize at this very moment to: harass, antagonize, lie, bully, and slander to get a message to the city. Have a good day. 

Warmest Regards, SrA Willie "Will" J. Allen, USAF  

[Editor note: only a few words have been redacted; the rest is a true and correct copy. Walter Barratt and Cliff Renfrew are agents of Hi Point Apts LLC. "City attorney" is Los Angeles city attorney Mike Feuer.]

Subject: Direct Response to [tenant name redacted]


To: [redacted]


Wednesday, July 22, 2015 9:19 AM  

[To Tenant, name redacted]:

I thought we were better than this. I have never done anything to you and always had the utmost of respect for you and your cause, but this time you went too far. Allowing number 18 to antagonize me and trying to capitalize on my good name. Please don't communicate with me when we cross paths. You clearly care nothing about me and wish Ill will against me and mine. If something happens to me or [name redacted] I want you to know you I'm holding you fully responsible. #18 is an out of control pit bull and he's gonna hurt someone. My leadership and I will be in contact in the future and I am seeking legal counsel against you and your friends. 

Warmest Regards, 

WILLIE J. ALLEN, SrA, USAF Financial Analyst SMC/FMAL |Los Angeles AFB, CA DSN.:633.1751| Comm.:310.653.1751 Email: willie.allen.

[Editor note: my response was thirteen pages long so I only redact a tiny bit here:]

Retaliation By Govt Agent- Agent Says Other Tenants are Involved- Supplement to HUD Case Number 25453FW- Internet Complaint & Derivative Complaint

From: [Tenant]

Sent: Mon 7/27/15 7:24 AM

To: Willie Allen (; Marilyn London ( Cc: Hi LLC (; Cliff Renfrew (; Ali Maintenance  (; RSO Contact (; LAHD RSO (;
(; Debbie L. Harmon (; (

The Retaliatory Emails of Willie J. Allen

July 26 2015


 USAF Financial Analyst SMC/FMAL

|Los Angeles AFB, CA DSN.:633.1751|

Comm.:310.653.1751 Email:


1522 Hi Point Street #11 LosAngeles CA 90035

Via Email and US Mail

I think it is important to state that I donít know you hardly at all. Other than an occasional "hi" and "bye", I have not had any conversation at length with you about the building, only to state my appreciation for your service to our country and its laws. Nevertheless, I appreciate you taking the time to write your email. 

I know that some in the building do not share my appreciation or determination as regards tenantsí rights and civil rights. I work for tenants rights for all tenants but because I do so does not mean that I disregard the rights of the landlord. Having moved into the building well before you, and the current owner, I have had my experiences with tenants who needed talking to about mutual consideration. I have also felt positive about counseling tenants about how to avoid 3 day notices; indeed I myself received a three day notice which I felt was unjustified and retaliatory, rights to complaint granted under federal and state law and the United States Constitution. Anytime I have had a complaint with another tenant, I have most times been able to resolve it with the tenant without getting the manager or owner involved.

Of course my experience does not take away from any tenantís right to contact the owner or the Police. I feel the owner and his agents continue to act in an unlawful discriminatory manner towards myself, and I will continue to assert my legal rights in that regard. What kind of uncivilized animals do we exist with who cannot even respond to simple phone messages, emails, and letters over a twelve month period as Walter, Cliff, and his clan do? Such lack of communication is utterly frustrating and emotionally exhausting to me as I believe it would be to the average person. I act in good faith but Hi Point Apts LLC, et al. does not. Hi Point Apts LLC has an obligation to communicate with tenants under the "quiet enjoyment."

I donít buy that tenants are moving out as their main reason is the rent amount; I think the unspoken code is they move out because of unfair treatment from Hi Point Apts LLC.

You, Allen, asked for the fight with tenant #18; you are supposed to protect us civilians, not fight us!

You are correct that I was not a witness to those things. How did tenant #18 let you know "he wanted to antagonize and threaten you"? How do you specifically define an "active" threat and what specifically did #18 say since you didnít mention in both your emails to me his specific words you feel are threatening?

Your feeling that I should not "allow" tenants to do a certain thing seems to be more of your psychotic belief that those who try to protect their own civil rights are somehow aligned against you. Again, while I support the rights of any and all tenants in the building, I have no control over their actions. If you feel I have control over other tenants, then perhaps you should look in the mirror.  I know you donít know this but tenant #18 took the time and testified to the city government that the so-called security gate was not adequate protection in this building; he also testified to discrimination by the owner of this property; all this showed tenant #18ís concern for the welfare of all who may be victimized by Hi Point Apts LLC and city government; I disagree with your claim that I have a "vendetta" against Hi Point Apts; no such vendetta exists.

Öit is unfortunate that a government employee like yourself would describe the pursuit of civil rights as "immature" when it is probably an oath you take to uphold the US Constitution and all laws, no matter how "immature" you feel they are; and all the people who fight against police brutality would probably not appreciate you calling their efforts "immature"; this is what the people of the state of California say about pursuit of rights you call "immature": I donít know if you know the difference but housing discrimination is not "immature", it is unlawful. "It is recognized that the practice of ...... discriminating ... foments domestic strife and unrest, deprives the state of the fullest utilization of its capacities for development and advancement, and substantially and adversely affects the interests of employees, employers, and the public in general. Further, the practice of discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, familial status, source of income, disability, or genetic information in housing accommodations is declared to be against public policy. This part shall be deemed an exercise of the police power of the state for the protection of the welfare, health, and peace of the people..." Government Code 12920.

Allen, I donít see the word "immature" in there anywhere.  If myself and other tenants pursuing housing services so basic as an intercom, rent reduction, and tandem parking stall is "immature" in your eyes, then you must be way more immature than me because you already have a tandem parking stall and a working intercom; so what makes your immature ass more entitled to an intercom and parking stall than me? 

You said I should "pass the message." No, Mr. Psychotic, I am not your messenger. If you want to tell everyone in the building your feelings about tenant #18, [your words "terrorism"] go right ahead, be my guest; and while you are at it, tell the neighbors on both sides of the building. I am sure they would appreciate you. 

"You may not intimidate or threaten any person because that person is engaging in activities designed to make other persons aware of, or encouraging such other persons to exercise, rights granted or protected by the
Fair Housing laws." Summarized from the California Fair Employment and Housing Act website.

[From Tenant name redacted] [This letter has been condensed from the original]

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