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Dear Judges Walter Koprowski and Judge Theodore Stephens and staffs and parties and officers of the Court:

CP-0136-2009: I have received the Order of the court of Feb 24 denying my motion for stay.

It has three pages of "reasons" attached, unsigned. Is that the total number of pages?

Second, I verify that the court did NOT issue similar written reasons for its January 18 2012 Order.

Third, since the alleged "oppositions" to the Motion for Stay were not in the required local rules format, they should not have been filed and not considered by the court. As such they represent wrongful conduct of the Chancery Court as well as the Surrogate in filing improperly formatted documents. I consider the order of Feb 24 2012 fraud on the court. 

From New Jersey Courts website: [emphasis added]

"Courts are the most visible part of our legal system. Though many legal issues and disputes are never brought to the courthouse, each year approximately seven million new cases are filed in New Jersey's courts. In those cases, judges are called upon to decide disputes involving such diverse topics as criminal law, motor vehicle violations, divorce, and other family matters, wills, contracts, defective products, and of course our basic rights as Americans, such as freedom of speech. People set the agenda for New Jersey Courts through these cases, and it is through these cases that courts influence our lives. Important Principles of the Court System. In every case, New Jersey's courts strive to achieve one thing: justice. To achieve justice, our courts must be independent, open and impartial. Judicial Independence. Judicial independence permits judges to make decisions that they believe are correct, fair and just even though their decisions may sometimes be unpopular.Open Proceedings. Not only must the court system work and be fair, but it is important that people see that it works and is fair. When people have confidence in the legal system, they will support it and their respect for the law will grow. For this reason, most court proceedings, including trials, are open to the public. Equal Treatment

For our courts to be fair, judges must be impartial -- that is, they may not favor either side in a case. The goal of our courts is to provide equal treatment for all people, regardless of their wealth, position, race, gender, religion, ethnic background or physical disability."

Judges, et al: we are supposed to be living in a civilized society. A civilized society, supposedly composed of humans rather than animals, distinguishes itself by following a set of rules. Rules I am told, and the adherence to them, is the only thing that distinguishes us from barbarians and the cavemen.  The absence of rules is anarchy. I am certain you would agree with me. The NJ local rules of court require that "oppositions" to a motion be in a certain format. None of the oppositions presented by Vanessa D. Taylor, Shawna Floyd or James Boutillier to my motion were in the required court format. This is unfair to me as a pro se who is expected to follow the same rules that Taylor, Floyd, and Boutillier are expected to follow, as attorneys or one with an attorney, and in a superior positions,  yet by this vivid example the "rules" only apply to me, and unfairly Taylor, Floyd, and Boutillier are favored and exempt from the rules.

I ask that the Court on its own motion vacate the oppositions of Taylor, Floyd, Boutillier to the Motion for Stay, and that the court vacate on its own motion the February 24 2012 Order and reasons of the Court.   I again also ask that the Judge Walter Koprowski recuse himself and resign from the bench based on his obvious inequitable treatment of myself.

March 13 2012

From Oldest Child

Via email to

To: Judge Lawclerk; "" ; James Boutillier; Lawrence Meyerson; Shawnda Floyd; Vanessa Taylor; Surrogate Wilson

Cc: Vanessa T; Jorge; Dr. Charles Floyd; Kevin Johnson; Vernell Johnson

Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 10:36 PM

Subject: To Judges, Vanessa D. Taylor et al- Wrongful Conduct of Court-CP-0136-2009

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