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to Sale of Property
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LA Civil Rights Lawsuit re Hi Point Apts
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Hyundai Motor America and
dealer sued for racial discrimination
and Civil Rights Violations
under 42 USC section 1983

"Hyundai Motor America and Race"

[excerpts from the video at Youtube channel legaladvocate71]

[ HYUNDAI CEO IS John Krafcik ]

August 18 2012 a black citizen was denied public accommodation and equal protection of the law in Inglewood California.

It appeared to be business as usual at LA Hyundai LAX, an agent of Hyundai Motor America.

There had been previous racial discrimination charges leveled against Hyundai Motor America LA Hyundai LAX a few months ago. This appeared to be retaliation against the Black car owner for complaining about discrimination.

It appears there may be a government concentrated effort in some of these matters to deny warranty work. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission has been notified that Hyundai s suffer from defective motor mounts …..

Marina Automotive LLC is dba LA Hyundai LAX. Their license number is 264187. That license is given to them by the state of California under governor Jerry Brown. LA Hyundai LAX is located at 970 Manchester Blvd in Inglewood California.

Officer Blaylock of the Inglewood Police said he did not see anything wrong with denying service to a black man at LA Hyundai LAX.

Business as usual at LA Hyundai LAX.

If you study the civil rights movement in this country, blacks and whites died to secure the civil rights that we have on paper today.

Did the officers enforce the laws of public accommodation Aug 18?

Did they have any training in non-discrimination tactics against Blacks?

Are the Inglewood Police Officers enforcing the law of public accommodation today?

Do you agree that LA Hyundai LAX should have a license to deny service to the public?

In a concerted effort with the police, they went back to the Black man and said “If you ever come back here again, we are going to charge you with trespassing."

Service Manager Francis Melodia is telling the Black Los Angeles resident that in Inglewood he does not have the right to have his car repaired he does not have any rights to public accommodation.

“We''ll strike you down, we will STRIKE YOU DOWN, if you come back to this business and try to get service. Don't come back here Black Man …..!”

From a Hyundai Owner

Is this the car buying experience that you want?

  • You schedule a repair appointment online.

  • The dealer cancels your appointment saying they don’t want to service your car.

  • You drive the car to the lot in front of witnesses but Corporate Hyundai will lie and say you never brought the car in.

  • You will ask for an inspection and the dealer will lie about what you asked for

  • You will be denied inspection on your car.

  • Three Hyundai employees tell you they will not service your car

  • The employees tell you to get your car off  the lot

  • The dealer calls the Police to have you arrested

  • You and your family will be surrounded by the Police.

  • You will face arrest by the Police

  • The Police will order you and your car off the property denying you warranty inspection that you have already paid in full

Is this the car buying experience that you want?

  • You will pay for warranty service but you won’t get service so your warranty is worth “0” zero.

  • Hyundai Motors America will tell other authorized dealers to retaliate and  deny service to your vehicle.

Don Quimby is the Poster Boy for Hyundai Motor America. 

Don Quimby’s conduct on August 18 video:

Is this the car buying experience that you want?

Ku Klux Klan Act

42 U.S.C. § 1983

"Every person who under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, Suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer's judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable."

Civil Rights Act (1964) - Public Law 88-352

Title 6


SEC. 601. No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

The Public Officials

Inglewood Council persons Mike Stevens; Judy Dunlap; Eloy Morales, Jr.; Ralph Franklin; Mayor office Phone 310-412-5300; Mayor Fax 310-330-5733; The Civilian Police Oversight Commission; POLICE CHIEF Mark Fronterotta 310-412-5211; CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL KAMALA D. HARRIS; CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN

San Francisco; Los Angeles; Newark; New York City; Hong Kong; India; China; Korea; Japan; Chicago; Boston; Miami; Texas; Florida; Atlanta; Great Britain; Germany; Italy; Spain

Letter to the Better Business Bureau
at Arlington Virginia
via email July 23 2012

To : Better Business Bureau of Virginia doing business in California
       Hyundai Motors Corporation, et al John Krafcik
       National Traffic Safety Commission

This shall be my second response to your June 25 2012 letter re Case No HYU1216311.

the BBB at the least in the name of Governor Jerry Brown cannot even be trusted

Your letterhead says "advancing trust together" but the BBB at the least in the name of Governor Jerry Brown cannot even be trusted to put a signature to your unsigned letter.

I ask that you preserve all emails and faxes and other documents from me in the event of litigation that no documents electronic or otherwise be destroyed; otherwise you could face financial damages for failure to preserve the record.

First, if I was to call John Krafcik's _____ a _______, that would probably be a lie because I do not know that to be true. But you expect me to accept your lies about the condition of my car. The BBB and Hyundai Motors cannot be trusted to tell the truth. I do not accept your lies as a resolution to the damages occurring to me.

Second, as regards the use of the terms "normal" and "abnormal". I believe the BBB sent a form to me and I believe it is they who inserted the word "abnormal" which would constitute unlawful coercion by the BBB. I would have signed it then under duress believing that the BBB was acting in a good faith and truthful manner. Without waiving that, how does one determine what is normal or abnormal in the absence of the mechanical specifications of the vehicle? You cannot because if you do it constitutes the LIE.  When the car comes off the assembly line do Hyundai engineers and CEO look and say "It looks normal to me!" Of course not. But that is what the BBB and Hyundai Motors expect the American public liked me to be duped into believing.  The BBB and Hyundai et al expect that an alleged mechanic just visually LOOKED at my car without the use of any mechanical specifications or equipment and that is supposed to constitute an inspection. If that constitutes inspection, which I don't believe it does, than John Krafcik's _____ would have to be _______, don't you agree?

 You use the words "normal" and "abnormal" but I don't see the use of those words in the Hyundai warranty; thus another lie on your part. As regards the word you use "severity" of the symptom, I do not see that word in the warranty either , the same warranty that Hyundai refused to produce at the arbitration.

The Hyundai Sonata steering wheel was not
bolted securely to the vehicle

The Hyundai Sonata steering wheel was not bolted securely to the vehicle, such that some owners claim to have crashed the vehicle. For the BBB not to recognize this is not only a lie but intentional endangerment of the safety of the American public. Hyundai's suspension is not securely bolted to the vehicle; this is unsafe. An unsafe vehicle is not commercially expected by the public, as Jim Worrell, another _____, has alleged. There is no indication that Hyundai marketed the car as having an unsafe vibration.

On September 17 2011, after replacing two of four motor mounts, Hyundai said "vibration gone." After that, four mechanics, myself, an arbitrator, and Hyundai consultant witnessed the vibration. These seven people carry more weight than that of United Auto Appraisals (sic), as I had four mechanics examine the vehicle. My mechanics were not biased to put money in their own pocket because they all told me to take it back to the dealer.

That Hyundai said the vibration Sept 17 was gone when it was not should have been declared by the arbitrator as breach of warranty and certainly the support of an unsafe condition; I don't think the arbitrator had a clue. And neither does the BBB. Hyundai admitted the car has suspension problems, Hyundai admitted the defective motor mounts are the cause of the vibration.

Improperly bolted suspension is a safety issue.
My claim was that the vibration was not fixed. The incompetent prejudiced arbitrator did not address this nor did he address the safety issue. Improperly bolted suspension is a safety issue.

from Hyundai Owner


c: Hyundai Motors Corporation
    Arbitration Certification Program via email to Rosa Tinoco
    National Transportation Safety Commission
    California Attorney General

Letter to DCA California, BBB Auto Line,
Hyundai Customer Care, John Krafcik,
Mong Koo Chung et al:
August 15 2012

This is to verify that I did receive a phone call today about 4:15 pm from Francis Melodia from Hyundai LAX, Los Angeles.

Melodia said that as regards my appointment for Saturday, that she did not feel Hyundai can provide any service to my vehicle and that she had cancelled my appointment.
I called Melodia back about 4:20 and left a voicemail and told her I disagreed with her decision to cancel my appointment as racially motivated, and that I will appear Saturday at the appointed time. Melody sent her deceptive email at 4:27 pm.

I received confirmation email from Melodia on Aug 11 for the Saturday appointment. I did not receive any other email from Melodia regarding the appointment had been deleted. See attached confirmation.

The letter below from Melodia is therefore not truthful. I at no time deleted my appointment. Please forward me the name of the lawyer who wrote the below letter on Medlodia's behalf. If you think you have a forged copy of any request you allege I made to delete my appointment, please forward me that letter or email. In fact forward me a copy of all Hyundai electronic documents, without limitation, including phone calls and voicemails, that relate to your assertion I deleted my appointment. When I talked to Melodia she said that she was cancelling the appointment. I asked her why; She said "I don't feel we [Hyundai] can satisfy you at this time." She did not mention anything about me deleting the appointment.

Why am I being denied service by a California business?
Why am I being denied service as an African American car owner entitled to warranty service?

I consider this to proof of breach of warranty, my first of four attempts to have the dealer fix the problem. Since as of today you have denied my first attempt to seek warranty repairs, when I appear Saturday, that shall constitute my second attempt.

I demand that you honor the appointment.

In addition to the confirmed repair request, I add:

Please check steering wheel vibrates when headlights are turned on; please tighten belts if needed

Please check and fix floorboard vibration that occurs at 20 mph.

I don't see why LAX Hyundai should be allowed to conduct business if they cannot provide warranty service as Melodia stated.

See you Saturday at 8:00 am.
I request that the BAR and Better Business Bureau and Attorney General send representatives.


Car Owner



What is wrong with Hyundai that
they won't inspect their own vehicles?

Do you feel safe?

Named in the Complaint:

Inglewood Police Officers Jose Gonzalez and Officer Blaylock ; Cornejo #904, Yerenas #936, and Kowan #916. 



Letter to Hyundai Motor America and
Inglewood Police Department

via facsimile and US mail
Aug 19 2012

[Where is Martin Luther King, Jr. when you need him?]

["An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MLK Jr.]



Re: Hyundai Refusal to Honor Warranty

This letter does not constitute a waiver of any rights. All rights and remedies are expressly reserved.

A letter to me from Hyundai Motor Finance says, ", our customer, are our top priority. We take pride in knowing that your servicing needs will be handled to your satisfaction, with the courtesy and respect that you deserve."

"We take pride in knowing that your servicing needs will be handled to your satisfaction..."

As you are aware, on Aug 15 2012 I received a phone call from LA Hyundai LAX Service Manager Francis Melodia denying me warranty service on my 2013 Hyundai Accent. On Aug 18 I went to the dealer for warranty service and I was confronted by a crowd of thug-ish looking gang of people, all white, and in particular Melodia, Nic

Moss, Don Quimby about 8:00 a.m; in a scene right out of the lunch counters of Montgomery, Alabama in the sixties, said persons at the entrance to the service area engaged in harassment and denied me warranty service.


" a scene right out of the lunch counters of Montgomery,   Alabama in the sixties...."

Besides the gang of whites, many of whom did not seem to be there for warranty service or employment, there were customers coming in and out, of the white race, and they were freely being waited on without any limitation. Further, agents of Hyundai Motors Corporation America and Korea, then falsely accused me of trespassing and called out three Inglewood Police Units to the scene who proceeded to order me off the property.

I ask that you provide me for the purposes of the police complaint, the

names of all persons on the property of LA Hyundai LAX on Aug 18 2012 without limitation, between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:30 am who would have been witnesses to the altercation; the list should include the names and addresses and phones of any and all customers, employees, and any other persons.

Hyundai Motors America and Korea, and LA Hyundai LAX, along with the Inglewood Police, has engaged in the improper use of federal funds for purposes of discrimination against me, for purposes of conspiracy of denial of civil rights, denial of warranty rights, and conspiracy to commit false and deceptive business practices.

At the Aug 18 confrontation, I believe Hyundai Corporate forwarded a letter to the Melodia instructing LA Hyundai LAX to deny me warranty service. Please supply me as soon as possible with a copy of that letter.

Even though your agent accused me of trespassing, since I had a lawful

legitimate purpose for being on the property, I was in no way engaged in

trespassing and such claim is a false claim that Hyundai officials should be held financially liable for.

I remind you that Francis Melodia also told me Aug 18 witnessed by the

police that if I ever come on the property again in the future she will again charge me with trespassing. This is further violation and obstruction of my warranty service rights. Those rights accrue daily and exist as long as I am in possession of the vehicle.

"I was confronted by a crowd of thug-ish looking gang of people, all white, and in particular Melodia, Nic Moss, Don Quimby ..."

As you are Hyundai Corporate, I ask that you immediately by letter instruct your agent LA Hyundai LAX to cease and desist from denying me warranty service. Please copy me such letter.




Car Owner


[excerpt] [Bracket and highlight items are not in the original letter.]

[Inglewood Police Department , and officers Jose Gonzalez and Officer Blaylock  on Aug 31,  said they saw nothing wrong with whites being provided service while a Black Man was repeatedly denied the same warranty service.]


[A car dealership is considered to be a place of public accommodation; the dealer is inviting the public in. ]

[See related videos at Youtube site "legaladvocate71"]

Inspection Denied

Why is Hyundai Motor America
afraid to work on
its own vehicles?

DOES HYUNDAI MOTOR AMERICA train their employees on racial sensitivity?

APPARENTLY NOT when the service pledge of Hyundai Motor America was denied to a Black man seeking public accommodation at an authorized Hyundai dealer.. Pictured Inglewood Police Officers Cornejo #904, Yerenas #936, and Kowan #916 after being called out to L.A. Hyundai LAX, Inglewood California, after a Black man was denied warranty service by angry whites Nic Moss, Frances Melodia, and Don Quimby. The officers sided with whites and ordered the man off the property and refused him equal protection warranty service. A Department of Fair Employment and Housing Unruh Complaint has been filed against the Inglewood Police Department. Unconfirmed reports believe government officials may have been present August 18 to witness the civil rights violations.

CAN YOU SAY  "lunch counter"?

I brought a 2010 Hyundai to Hyundai dealer and corporate with a bad upper engine mount. After over 10 inspections by Hyundai and independent mechanics, Hyundai refused to replace the mount that was causing a constant vibration. So much for warranty service. Hyundai will play the inspection game on you.

Hyundai supported an alleged mechanic's "visual inspection" but REFUSED to do a mechanical inspection on the 2010 Hyundai. On the 2013 Hyundai they have refused to inspect the vehicle.

Via Canada, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, New York City

From Youtube Channel legaladvocate71 and video "Hyundai Motor America and Race"

Inspection Denied

Why is Hyundai Motor America
afraid to work on
its own vehicles?

Inglewood California Police
Hyundai Motor America
LA Hyundai LAX

Say African American Car Owner
Not Entitled to Public Accommodation

Can You Say

Based on information released to the Office of the Attorney General and the Inglewood Police Department. Observers say the Inglewood Police could lose its federal funding and LA Hyundai LAX should lose its business license.
[Click on picture above to see Hyundai Motor police complaint.]

Major features of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

From the Justice Department:

Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination because of race, color, religion, or national origin in certain places of public accommodation, such as hotels, restaurants, and places of entertainment. The Department of Justice can bring a lawsuit under Title II when there is reason to believe that a person has engaged in a pattern or practice of discrimination in violation of Title II. The Department can obtain injunctive, but not monetary, relief in such cases. Individuals can also file suit to enforce their rights under Title II and other federal and state statutes may also provide remedies for discrimination in places of public accommodation.

Question to Answer re Hyundai Motor America

Do you feel Hyundai employees Don Quimby, Nicolas Moss,

and Francis Melodia should be fired because of their admitted

discrimination against a Hyundai car owner on Aug. 18 2012?

No or Yes.


[To make your answer public, place your answer under any of the videos on

Youtube site "legaladvocate71".]

What is public accommodation?

California Code 51.

(a) This section shall be known, and may be cited, as the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

(b) All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever.



see videos at

Question and Answers re Hyundai

Do you feel that Marina Automotive DBA L.A. Hyundai at LAX should have its

business license revoked after denying warranty service to a customer?

No or Yes

Don Quimby says he will not inspect your vehicle.

Do you feel safe?

No or Yes


[To make your answers public, comment under any of the videos on the Youtube site "legaladvocate71" at

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