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To the Attorney for the Woodlands,
Plainfield New Jersey

c/o Woodlands via fax and mail

March 15 2012

I believe Marisol Torres called yesterday and left a voicemail saying she was the attorney for the Woodlands Nursing Home, Plainfield. N.J. You said that I have been calling the Woodlands expressing my ongoing concerns. She said that my "constantly calling in" was "troubling to them". You left your phone number as 908-664-0400.

Note: I have called the Woodlands over the years a number of times seeking information from the director and the social worker. Most of my calls to them have been un returned. Most recently in the last few days I spoke with social worker Samantha who said she could not give me information on my father. I asked her to provide me the company's Hippa policy. After I got off the phone with her, I faxed her copies of Hippa regulations and other documents showing that the nursing home may release my
father's information when there is a judicial proceeding or administrative hearing. I also call to speak to my father at least once a week, sometimes more.

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Samantha where is the Hippa Policy?

This is my response left on your voicemail tonight at about 9:20 p.m.

"Hi, this message is for Marisol Torres, or I don't know if your name is Perez, the name did not come thru properly on my phone, my name is [Next of kin] , ..... phone number 323-319-4280, I do acknowledge receiving your phone call in reference to the Woodlands [nursing home]. I want to make it clear to you that I demand, I DEMAND respect from you. I am an interested party in the [Robert
Johnson] lawsuit of CP-0136-2009, I am acting on my own behalf, and I demand respect from you. I demand that you act in a professional manner or I will file a malpractice suit against you and a complaint with the state bar of New Jersey immediately, and if you send me your fax number I will send you a copy. Now that we have that straight, ok, you said that me calling into the Woodlands asking about my father, asking to speak to my father is "troubling" to the Woodlands. You have an obligation
to make sure that when I call there that I am put thru to my father. For you to say that my calls are

A Nursing Home Must Provide
Immediate Access to Relatives

troubling to them is not only insulting but unlawful and I will continue to assert my rights against the Woodlands, ok? Hope I got that straight with you. Now, first of all I am not going to be calling you for any reason until, until you respond to my numerous written inquiries to the Woodlands. Ok? You find the faxes, find the letters, you find the voice messages, and then once you have responded to them in writing then I will be glad to call you. But first you have got to learn how to treat me in a respectful and professional manner as an attorney and I am a pro se in a legal proceeding [guardianship] and you have to treat me with respect and you [Woodlands] have to follow the Hippa regulations and you also have to follow whatever your policy says in terms of myself calling there and asking for information on my father and whatever the Hippa exceptions are, or whatever the Hippa rules in terms of disclosure to someone who is in a legal proceeding; you have to follow those regulations. So I do not want anymore insulting, unprofessional calls from YOU. You need to respond to what I have sent to the Woodlands in writing and I until I get that information from you I will continue to call the Woodlands and express my concern for my father. Hope I made that clear. My name is [Oldest Child] , 323-319-4280."

Troubling Medical Care at the Woodlands

In addition, Ms. Torres:
It is sad and disturbing that in my father's perhaps final remaining days that you would deprive me of any and all information on issues regarding his health and medical care. If it was your father, would you tolerate the kind of answers I am getting from you and your client?

If you have employees at the Woodlands who find my entitled calls "troubling", please disclose to me their signed statements under penalty of perjury, as well as their names, addresses, and phone numbers. When I visited my father twice in August 2011, from what I saw, if the nursing home was in California  you would already be defending an elderly abuse lawsuit.

Where is the last two due Physician's Statements?


[Oldest Child of ward]

[NJ Judge Walter Koprowski Jr, Vanessa D. Johnson Taylor, James Boutillier, Shawnda E. Floyd have been informed about the missing Physician's statements. No response. ]
[This letter has been redacted]
[Bold headings are for purposes of this site]
The Woodlands Nursing Facility is located at
1400 Woodland Avenue  Plainfield, NJ 07060

(908) 753-1113

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