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To Carolyn A. Murray

Acting Essex County Prosecutor

January 29 2012

Carolyn A. Murray Acting Essex County Prosecutor

Essex County Prosecutor's Office
Veterans Courthouse
50 West Market Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Via Facsimile and US Mail

Criminal Fraud

Criminal concealment of evidence

Documentation not provided

Re Parties:

Judge Walter Koprowski Jr. Essex County Probate Court

Vanessa D. Taylor of the taylorgroupinc. Manalapan. N.J.

Harry Taylor of taylorgroupinc. Manalapan. N.J.

Attorney James Boutillier

Attorney Shawnda N Floyd

Attorney Lawrence N. Meyerson

Tara Wilson

Medicaid office, Plainfield, N.J.

Attorney Edward Kenlan

Vernell Johnson

Alisa D. Stewart

Letitia Johnson Tyler

A Federal Arrest Warrant *


"Julieanne Dimitrion and her husband, John, were indicted in February of 2009 for mortgage fraud. In April of 2009, they pled guilty to operating a fraud scheme in which they used their companies to convince distressed homeowners to relinquish their homes with the premise of improving the victims' financial position. They promised to invest the proceeds of the home sales, but instead the Dimitrions used the victims' money to fund their own lavish lifestyles. As a result, multiple families in Oahu, Hawaii, lost their homes. The Dimitrions were scheduled to be sentenced in the United States District Court in Honolulu, Hawaii, on July 6, 2010, but failed to appear at the sentencing. A federal arrest warrant for failure to appear was then issued for each of them. The Dimitrions were last known to be in the Mililani area of Oahu, Hawaii. Julieanne Dimitrion has expensive tastes in clothing, specifically high-end lingerie, designer purses, and shoes."

Judicial Intimidation *


I attach the Vanessa D. Taylor letter of December 27 2011 which shows her repeated intent to conceal evidence, judicial intimidation, and her attempt to continue her conspiracy with the Judge and attorneys Boutllier, to defraud the estate and myself.

Vanessa Taylor implies that fraud is ok on this estate because it is under $1,000,000 dollars. In 2011 I charged her with fraud over about $3,000 missing from the estate of Robert Johnson and marked as "misc" etc. based on Taylor accounting. Neither her nor the Judge or attorneys would address what happened to that money. I believe that $3,000 money is just part of the scheme to defraud the estate. Over a ten year period if Taylor is allowed to continue that will be $30,000 missing from the estate. I asked to examine the books and Taylor and the court refused; the Judge additionally told me I would have to pay at least $175 to view the books. Remember, only I as next of kin have to incur a loss to seek documentation; every one else gets paid their expenses out of the estate and gets to see the documentation free of charge based on the telephone calls between Tayor et al indicating the free exchange of information, such free exchange of information advantage denied to me as next of kin.

Racketeering, and elder abuse *


NYACK, N.Y., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- A New Jersey Superior Court judge is coming under fire from a wide array of victims and their families, some of whom have filed lawsuits alleging violations of their civil rights, racketeering, elder abuse and severe unethical behavior, among other crimes.

In one of the more recent cases, Judge Mary Margaret McVeigh is accused of sentencing 96-year-old Blanche Zwerdling to live in nursing home - against her wishes and those of her family - to ostensibly gain control of her trust fund and bank accounts. Full details can not yet be disclosed because the case and a potential investigation are ongoing, but further reports will follow.



In re Keri, 181 N.J. 50 (2004)

    The concepts found in the statutes governing the powers of courts and guardians have long been a part of our case law. In 1972, a Chancery Division court required a guardian to establish five criteria before being allowed to make proposed gifts. (In re Trott). The criteria included the following:

    The possibility of restoration to competency has to be virtually nonexistent;

    After making the proposed gifts, the assets of the estate must be such that in light of the condition and life expectancy of the incompetent, the assets are more than adequate to meet his or her needs in the style and comfort in which he or she has been maintained since the onset of the incompetency;

    The recipients of the gifts constitute the natural objects of the gifts under any standard;

    The transfer will benefit and advantage the estate of the incompetent by a reduction in death taxes;

    and There is no substantial evidence that the incompetent, as a reasonably prudent person would, if competent, not make the gifts proposed to effectuate a saving in death taxes.

The Court held that When a Medicaid spend-down plan

does not interrupt or diminish an incompetent person's care,

involves transfers to the natural objects of the person's bounty, [relatives]

and does not contravene an expressed prior intent or interest, [wishes of the ward]

the plan clearly provides for the best interests of the incompetent person and satisfies the law's goal to effectuate decisions an incompetent would make if he or she were able to act. 

Criminal Fraud Marlin Lakes Realty *

Taylor and the court's CONDUCT SHOWS blatant and bold refusal to address the Keri case requirements. Over and over again, document after document, even the Medicaid documents, do not address (1) that anyone except me talked to my father and what his intent would be to have his heirs benefit from the sale of the property and (2) monies that should go to the five siblings from the sale of the property based on Keri. The Keri case before the Supreme Court proves this is criminal fraud for one thing I believe and parties should face jail time for it. The Keri case proves that the Judge, Taylor, Meyerson, Boutillier, Floyd have intentionally conducted fraud on the court and the estate.

Said parties named above and Judge and attorneys, I believe the evidence shows, are are involved in a wide ranging criminal conspiracy to defraud the estate of my father, Robert Johnson, and a pattern that would have effected other estates, as Mr. Boutillier and Mr. Meyerson said they have been a party for years to hundreds of these type of estate matters (schemes) For example, Medicaid and the others refuse to turn over to me the spend down plan that was presumably presented to Medicaid in order to get Medicaid approval, according to The Taylor et al. scenario. Such spend down plan is not entitled to any confidentiality. Another example, James Boutillier said in December 2010 to me that proposed buyer and attorney Savio Figaro had not inspected the inside of the property; had just done a drive by inspection. Such parties represented repeatedly that the repairs needed were around $32,000. This sounds stupid but possible that he did not inspect the inside of the property. Yet around October 2011, almost a year later, a 203k FHA document appears stating $58,000 needed in repairs and stating the inside of the property was inspected in August 2010. I brought this contradiction to the court's attention and others December 23 2011 and January 13 2012; it was ignored. I think this is enough for the prosecutor and FBI to investigate that the 203k FHA worksheet was a forgery and that the repairs needed were indeed $32,000 in August 2010 and not $58,000; the $58,000 figure may or may not have arrived later, but certainly in August 2010, by the sworn statements of others after August 2010, the property did not need $58,000 worth of repairs. The Judge is a party to this because when it is bought to his attention on the record repeatedly, he ignores it. The Judge as a law enforcement officer does not have the authority to ignore financial fraud on the estate. The sworn statements of Taylor et al which claim the $58,000 in repairs alleged to be needed occurred well after August 2010. Who is telling the truth: Taylor or the 203kFHA worksheet? And remember the name "thetaylorgroupinc." (i.e. skimming money) appears without explanation on the original contract of sale. Is that company the reason for the fraud on the estate? Note that I was the sole person to object to the original contract of sale to Savio Figaro while others represented alleged that such fraud was lawful.

The Judge has approved giving his attorney officer of the court Figaro monies to use for conducting his own labor and repairs on the property, such monies for self labor prohibited by HUD regulations.

If the 203k FHA worksheet was fabricated as to date, the Mortgage Company Marlin Lakes Realty has participated in the fraud on HUD.

Taylor signed the contract to sell the property in July 2011. She had no authority to sign the contract with Savio Figaro. And her attorney told the Supreme Court in September 2011 that Taylor "had not been able to manage the estate since" her appointment Oct 2009. Who then forged Taylor's signature on the contract?

Where are the Police Reports *

The court claims the property suffered alleged breakins. I asked for police reports. Why would the Judge not want to see the police reports? No police reports were provided.

In a letter written December 27 2011 to Judge Walter Koprowski, Vanessa D. Taylor states: "When you rule that I had to sell the property for not less than $144,000, I didn't understand that because I was I already [her words. Editor] had a contract to sell for $134,00. So because my buyer, Mr. Figaro, didn't come up with with the $10,000 difference, the property could not close. Lost opportunity." Where is the contract for $134,000? It was not filed nor even mentioned in the records supplied to me. I have requested a copy of that contract.

  • Blackmail

  • A demand for money or other consideration under threat to do bodily harm, to injure property, to accuse of a crime, or to expose secrets.

The actions of Vanessa D. Taylor and Judge Walter Koprowski in accessing unjust, excessive, unjust enrichment, illegal attorney fees against me.

  • Bribery:

When money, goods, services, information or anything else of value is offered with intent to influence the actions, opinions, or decisions of the taker. You may be charged with bribery whether you offer the bribe or accept it.

Judge Walter Koprowski, Vanessa D. Taylor.


Occurs when one person illegally obtains property from another by actual or threatened force, fear, or violence, or under cover of official right.

Judge Walter Koprowski Jr


When a person who has been entrusted with money or property appropriates it for his or her own use and benefit.

Vanessa D. Johnson Taylor

Money Laundering:

The investment or transfer of money from racketeering, drug transactions or other embezzlement schemes so that it appears that its original source either cannot be traced or is legitimate.

Vanessa D. Johnson Taylor




The Judge proposes I as a Black male must pay $144,000 for the property while Savio Figaro, a white attorney, only pays $110,000. In addition the guardian Vanessa D. Taylor, James Boutillier, and Shawnda N Floyd are aware that I provided to them a Certificate of Completion which shows I met the requirements for an FHA insured loan; such certificate from the HUD certified provider made me eligible for up to $50,000 for purchase assistance, down payment, and closing costs; this certificate provided to Taylor and Boutillier in 2010 shows my efforts to make a good faith deposit and down payment. The Judge ignored this in favor of his own discrimination and gain, same as the charges against Judge McVeigh.


I have been told child support and state and federal taxes are owed. Taylor also has refused to state whether she filed the required tax returns. She along with the court has refused to provide documentation [authentication] of the child support, state and federal taxes, and local property taxes. I presume the child support alleged to be $21,000 will benefit Vernell Johnson, former spouse of the ward. Vernell Johnson I believe also receives current pension and social security benefits from the ward but these figures do not appear in the 2011 or 2012 accounting, nor to they appear in the few Medicaid papers provided to me. Medicaid fraud I believe. Housing fraud I believe. So a former spouse will benefit from the sale of the property but I will not; that is unfair and I dont believe it would be the intent of my father. I have also indicated to Taylor et al. Evidence that my father intended money to go to me from the sale of the property. Taylor et al have not addressed that, I believe for purposes of fraud on the estate.

Detailing the fraud of the court and others is my opposition filed with the court, 23 pages, and my response filed with the court, 13 pages.

I am a beneficiary and I am entitled to full disclosure. Full disclosure has been denied to me.

I questioned at the hearing Jan 13 the uncertain amounts of other alleged bills and asked for documentation repeatedly but the verified documentation was not provided which would indicate to me the parties have something to hide. Even the attorney fee amounts were uncertain and no affidavits were presented although Taylor and the attorneys represent the attorneys fees must be paid. I asked for the exact figure; that information was not provided and even though it is a legal requirement to provide such information to the court along with the Complaint to sell the property.

This is criminal fraud for one thing I believe and parties should face jail time for it. Please investigate and let me know the results of your findings.



Next of kin

Next of Kin and Oldest Child

Robert Johnson

Attached 2009 FHA Certificate


[From editor: This letter has been edited and redacted.

* Headings have been added for this article and do not appear in the original letter.

Based on Chancery Court Probate case CP-0136-2009.]

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