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Demand for Arrests

Intent to Commit Criminal Larceny

Intent to Commit Criminal Fraud

Criminal Concealment

Intent to Commit Criminal Embezzlement

by Judge, Guardian, et al.

Office of The Attorney [General]

P.O. Box 080

Trenton, NJ 08625-0080

Carolyn A. Murray, Acting Essex County Prosecutor

Essex County Prosecutor's Office

Veterans Courthouse

50 West Market Street

Newark, NJ 07102

Via Facsimile and US Mail

Dear Attorney General and Essex County Prosecutor:


TODAY My father Robert Johnson resides in a nursing home Woodlands in Plainfield NJ. I am the third party beneficiary to his estate.


[Who is James Boutillier?]


My sister, Vanessa D. Taylor of Manalapan, New Jersey [with husband Harry Taylor of thetaylorgroupinc.] is the guardian of the estate appointed by Essex County Judge Walter Koprowski Jr.


At various times, and particular court hearings held Dec 23 2011and Jan 13 2012, as regards accounting irregularities and missing monies of the estate of Robert Johnson , I repeatedly asked for authenticated documentation as regards the bills alleged by the guardian, including but not limited to monies being paid to the Woodlands, Medicaid spend down plan, monies to Vernell Johnson; local, state, and federal tax monies alleged; child support owed alleged; repairs to his property alleged; attorney fees alleged, etc. I informed the court of over $5,000 unaccounted for according to records presented by Taylor. Attorney alleging fees are Lawrence E. Meyerson, James Boutillier, and Shawnda Floyd but no documentation of their services has been presented to the court or supplied to me as intended receipient of proceeds from the Jan 18 2012 ordered sale of property.


[Who is Vanessa D. Johnson Taylor?]


When I asked the Judge for the exact amount of bills owed and documentation, I believe for his purposes of continuing fraudulent concealment and unjust enrichment on my father's estate, the Judge answered re the bills, "it doesn't matter if it is $17,000 or $70,000". I believe this amounts to giving the guardian a license to steal.

Tara Wilson of the Essex County Surrogate office as well as Judge Theodore Stevens have also engaged in failure to provide requested documentation.

"We recognize that 'it is a doctrine of universal acceptation that the judgment of a competent [***21] court acting within its jurisdiction is conclusive upon parties and privies as to all matters adjudged upon which the parties were of right entitled to be heard' and that this general rule applies to decrees settling accounts. Shearman v. Cameron, 78 N.J. Eq. 532, 536 (E. & A. 1911). But the courts have recognized exceptions to this rule in cases where there is fraud or mistake, see Pollack v. Bowman, 139 N.J. Eq. 47, 51 (E. & A. 1946), and it is also so provided by statute, R.S. 3:10-18. A trustee, as a fiduciary, is under a duty to make full and complete disclosure of all transactions in relation to his trust. He is permitted neither to conceal nor to misrepresent, and if he fails in his duty to disclose the true facts so as to give notice to interested parties of any illegal or improper investments, it amounts to fraud such as will permit a decree approving his account to be opened. 'If the trustee has been guilty of fraud by way of concealment or misrepresentation in presenting his account and procuring the approval of the court, the settlement may be opened.' 4 Bogert, Trusts and Trustees (1935) 2844." (at page 39) 14 N.J. 96.


[Who is Shawnda Navarro Floyd?]

First I ask that for their criminal conduct you place Vanessa D. Taylor, Judge Walter Koprowski Jr., and others connected to their acts, under arrest TODAY.


Second, I ask that you secure from Vanessa D. Taylor, and any other parties or persons involved including any and all government agencies, copies of all authenticated documentation I have requested and for all bills that Vanessa D. Taylor and Shawnda Floyd have alleged; and copy such documents to me TODAY.


[Who is Judge Walter Koprowski Jr.?]

A signed copy of this complaint will follow under separate cover.



[Next of Kin]

March 15 2012


Reference to:

Attorney James J. Boutillier

Bradley, Kleppe, O’Conner & Boutillier

13 Smull Avenue

Caldwell New Jersey 07006

Via certificate of mailing

The Honorable Judge Walter Koproswki, JSC

Wilentz Center

8th Floor

212 Washington Street

Newark NJ 07102-2904

[Who is Tara Wilson?]

Shawnda N. Floyd Esq.

5 Buchanan Blvd

Jackson NJ 08527

Via certificate of mailing


Surrogate Court

Hall of Records Room 206

465 Martin Luther King Blvd

Newark NJ 07102


[Based on NJ Essex County Probate Part Chancery Case

IMO Robert Johnson CP-0136-2009.

This letter has been edited.

Bold inserts "who is" are not in the original letter]

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